NonDisruptive Lead Loader

for Enterprise Vicidial Clusters When the Vicidial List table becomes large, loading leads while dialing can disrupt dialing for a few seconds to a few minutes. With replication active, the problem persists since the dialers must work from live lead data and loading new live leads obviously must be in the same space. Without our […]

Merchant account linked telephone dialer

Our client required the ability to allow a sale to occur without any third party software and was using Vicidial as their dialing software. We integrated their existing merchant account’s programming interface along with SSL encryption and storage of transactions at the site of the merchant account to allow fully secure transactions with no local […]

CRM integration with Dialer

Related software: Goldmine (CRM) and Vicidial (Predictive Autodialer). The Goal: When a client requires contact based on parameters given by customer service before the project, the system needs to send the client’s information to Vicidial to automatically call the customer when a Customer Service Representative logs in to the appropriate campaign. Upon completion of the […]