Our client required the ability to allow a sale to occur without any third party software and was using Vicidial as their dialing software. We integrated their existing merchant account’s programming interface along with SSL encryption and storage of transactions at the site of the merchant account to allow fully secure transactions with no local storage of sensitive data before during or after the transaction.

The prospect is called, the sale is made, the credit card information is taken over the phone and transmitted securely to the merchant account without storage. Then only the standard Customer Service information and a transaction ID is sent to the client database after the sale. This met the client need of high security and simple operation (all on one screen). This system is functional now and in Beta testing by it’s first client.

It was designed for three separate merchant account systems and includes CVV2 (aka CVC or Credit Card Verification Code) and AVS (aka Address Verification) and has a secure search function for lost transaction IDs on the manager interface. At no time is the sales agent in possession of any access information for (or even knowledge of the name of) the merchant account.