PRE-PAID SERVICES. There are two circumstances under which we will refund fees paid for pre-paid services:
1. If a payment is made in error AND no service has been rendered.
2. If services were clearly accepted with a deadline at a minimum rate of $200/hour (our lowest rate where a deadline can be guaranteed upon request) AND the payment was made in a timely fashion so that the service could be completed after the payment and before the deadline AND access, if required to perform said service, was available as agreed.

SYSTEM PURCHASES. Refunds for system purchases are limited to misrepresentation. Verbal representations are not to be relied upon when making an order. A claim of misrepresentation must be accompanied by evidence of said misrepresentation.

EXCEPTIONS. If we choose to make an exception to this refund policy, we do not in any way give up our right to adhere to it in full in future occurrences even if the circumstances are identical.