Appointment terms and conditions are the same whether the appointment was created in person, over the telephone, via email, in a customer support ticket, or online with an appointment setting web interface.

Appointment dates and times are subject to change without prior notice and without recompense to the client. Appointments that are rescheduled by PoundTeam Incorporated staff are simply not charged to the client’s account.

While PoundTeam Incorporated personnel will perform based on our best effort, setting an appointment is merely a statement of intent and not a commitment. It is meant to assist in scheduling.

If PoundTeam Incorporated reschedules an appointment:

  • If a scheduled date or time requires re-scheduling, we will try to reschedule as soon as we become aware of the need. This may or may not be before the actual appointment time.
  • If an appointment requires rescheduling, we will try to change it to the next available appointment, but will also work with the customer to schedule a date/time best for the customer.
  • There will be no compensation or offset or reimbursement for any modified appointment date/time with the sole exception of conditions met in the Refund Policy on this page.
  • If an appointment is set for more than 48 hours into the future: Please verify the day before and the day of the appointment.
  • If an appointment is set for more than 24 hours into the future: Please verify the day of the appointment.
  • Verification can be via phone, email or support ticket.

If a Client reschedules or misses an appointment:

If the appointment is canceled more than 23 hours before the time of the appointment, there is no penalty and none of the below is invoked.

  • First Time in a one-year period: PoundTeam Incorporated will generally not charge a fee unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Second Time in a one-year period: We may (at our discretion) charge a five-minute cancellation fee.
  • Third Time in a one-year period: We may (at our discretion) charge a 15-minute cancellation fee. We may also bar the client from future appointments.
  • Failure to charge a cancellation fee in one instance in NO way implies or requires PoundTeam to waive the cancellation fee in any future occurrence, regardless of the similarity or other circumstances. It is our technician and/or bookkeeper’s decision whether to charge a cancellation fee.