Shipping and Delivery charges are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. We do not add fees to shipping costs except to directly recoup our costs IF we have a suitable box and are provided a prepaid shipping label With Insurance to stick on said box with no other involvement or deadlines. If we must purchase a box or packing material, we will charge these items to the client’s account at cost. If we are involved in the shipping in any way beyond providing the box, dimensions, and weight, we charge a minimum $25 handling fee. Also, if we must drive to a shipping facility due to a short deadline at the request of the client, we will charge a trip fee to cover the courier cost which may include a profit for the courier.

Insurance is required for all shipments. Any damage during shipment must be resolved with the carrier. We will cooperate in any way that we can with any inquiry regarding shipping damage, but will not be held responsible for any action (or lack thereof) or decision (or lack thereof) of the carrier.