What this is all about …

People. Software. Our solution artists are not “ordinary”. We have resolved issues at Enterprise level and created full solutions to run multi-million dollar facilities. We have also created small utilities to connect two systems and transfer data on a timed basis to ensure simple data synchronization between facilities. We have even duplicated needed features from (and simplified) existing software, thus reducing licensing requirements and improving productivity.

We have learned one of the most important lessons that can be learned: Our limitations. That is why we remember the importance of networking and connections. If we find a challenge we cannot vanquish, we already have several associates in mind who can resolve the issue for us. We do not believe in spending time in futile efforts while the client pays the tab.

Our Philosophy

In the 90s, it was unusual to find a computer in someone’s home. Today, it is unusual not to. Back in those days, we were programming in languages like “Pascal” and “C” or even “Assembly”. Now, we use Integrated Development Environments that can program in several languages at once, and we have seen a huge increase in what can be accomplished in programming.

We still believe the same thing that we did then:

It should not require a small business loan to get software that will get the job done, and done well.

PoundTeam Incorporated